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  Dry White  Fine Wine in Jasper

We Grow, Produce & Bottle all of our fine wines in Jasper.


Light and delicate on the palate with crisp acidity and luscious finish. Clean varietal flavors of green apple, lemon, with undertones of butterscotch.

 Pinot Gris 

Medium bodied with scent of minerals, apples & pears. Crisp acidity and flavors

of pink grapefruit.

Sauvignon Blanc 

Pristine flavors and aromas of fresh cut grass, melon-like fruits, herbs and tawny acidity.


Rhone varietal; lush & seductive. medium to heavy body golden wine bouquet of  peach, ripe apricot, and hazelnut across the palate.



Alsatian style with heady aromatic intensity of gardenia and Jamaican allspice. Delicate, yet spicy with seductive rose petal flavors.

Gris Rouge

Our Rose blend of Gewurztraminer and Viognier provides a delicate stone fruit nose 

and palate of red fruits and berries with a vibrant finish.


 Dry Red Wines

We Grow, Produce & Bottle all of our Wine.


Pinot Noir  

A cornucopia of red cherry, strawberry and ripe tomato accented by a breath of sassafras. Delicate layers of flavor drift across the palate with an earthy fruit based finish.

Cabernet Franc 

Fruit-filled nose of plum, blackberry, and a trace of vanilla. Soft subtle tannins

and balanced acidity with chocolate flavors at the finish.


Enchanting, earthy bouquet of black cherry and cedar mingles with the flavors of

rich plum and hints of black tea and chocolate followed by a silky finish.



Italian grape variety. Fresh fruity flavors of strawberry, cherry, raisin & a little   spiciness. Aromatic &medium bodied with a wonderfully alluring color. Subtle finish. 

Cabernet Sauvignon 

Rich garnet color with lovely cedar on the nose. Ripe flavors of blackberry,

currant, and cassis explode on the palate followed by rich polished tannins.


Bordeaux blend. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc& Merlot create a subtleness

of rich layers of black cherry, raspberry, cassis, and hints of vanilla & chocolate. Soft velvety finish.



Sweet Wines

  We Grow, Produce & Bottle all of our Wine



Delicate blend of Chardonnay & Trebbiano in a semi-sweet wine with flavors of pear, mango and citrus. Perfect fare for hot-tub, patio, or pool-side


A charming floral bouguet with crisp fruity flavors and sweet finish. Our best picnic or just sipping wine.

Pickens Pink

Sweet blush wine with a delightful cherry-berry after taste. Serve chilled as a porch wine. Also an excellent picnic wine.


A sweet red wine for white wine drinkers! A neatly balanced composition of soft tannins and disctintive fruits. Served chilled.